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Fixed Index Annuities are a great way to grow your money and keep it safe. They let you participate in the gains but you do not participate in the losses. Why pay tax on money you haven’t used yet?

If I could show you how to you can get the upside potential of the market without risking your principal – guaranteeing your principal would you be interested to hear more?

    - Lock in your gains
    - Bonuses of 2% to 12%
    - Grow tax deferred
    - Lifetime income riders, which grow your money at a certain rate for a certain number of years
    - Lifetime stream of income you can never outlive
    - 10% penalty free withdrawals after the first year

Fixed Annuities are very simple. They are a lot like a CD. You have a guaranteed rate of growth for a guaranteed period of time, generally for two to five years. We help several people taking the interest out each year to help supplement their social security.

Are you happy with the renewal rates on bank CD’s these days?

    - Earn interest on interest
    - Earn interest on money lost for taxes
    - Grow tax deferred
    - Withdraw your interest or 10% penalty free withdraw after the first year